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Paseo de los Surfistas,

Gaston Lagrange

Advanced Surf Coach

Gaston Lagrange

Gaston was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1962, he began to surf at age 12 and at 17 he was surfing for the Venezuelan Surf Federation as a competitive surfer. Gaston traveled in search of the best waves, spending time in California, Barbados, Mexico, Hawaii and Central America. In 1989 Gaston traveled to Costa Rica for the first time where he began competing on the international circuit. This is also where he began advanced coaching for competitive surfers of all levels. After a few years in Costa Rica, Gaston traveled back to Venezuela and founded Surf School Margarita located in Margarita Island Venezuela.

It was the magic of Costa Rica and world class waves that brought him back.


1986 Macanao Peninsula ,Punta Arenas, Beach Margarita Island, surfing
over head barrels

Escondido Mexico 1980 , 18 years old, best waves ever,surfed at the time
3 month trip, waves 15-20 ft

Escondido 1982 20 years old

World Surf Competition, Limon Costa Rica, 125 international competitors ,
representing team Venezuela in open competition Gaston got 5th place,
Venezuela Team got 2nd Place
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